ARRI looks forward to NAB


With the NAB Show not far away, ARRI’s Stefan Sedlmeier teases what ARRI is likely to pack in its bag.

After the introduction of the Alexa Mini last year, ARRI doesn’t have plans for major new camera product announcements looking towards NAB, but has plenty of upgrades, improvements and additions across its range of camera and lighting equipment to keep moving forward.

This year’s awards season has already given ARRI plenty to boast about, with the Oscars still to come. Emmanuel Lubezki collected the Best Cinematography gongs at the BAFTA and American Society of Cinematographers ceremonies for his shooting of Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant. Lubezki shot with ALEXA XT, ALEXA M and ALEXA 65 cameras using Prime 65 lenses and ARRI/ZEISS Master Primes.

The XT can’t run the same software as the AMIRA and MINI, so will be replaced by the SXT, which can run the same software as ARRI’s other cameras. That creates greater consistency and improved options in-camera. The AMIRA and MINI already have new software on board since a release earlier in February.

At NAB 2016 there is a possibility that ARRI will be announcing some additions to their Master Anamorphic lenses both at the wide end and long end of the range. No specs have been released so it’s a case of watch this space but expect any new products to be quite special. The lenses will be, ARRI’s Stefan Sedlmeier said, “very sharp across the whole image”.

The company also works with other suppliers, including Canon and Fuji, to offer clients a wide range of lenses.

Also in the lens sphere, the Master Anamorphic Flare sets are now available and will be on display at NAB.