Building KAHA

Bailey Mackey at the Big Screen Symposium

Bailey Mackey at the Big Screen Symposium

Bailey Mackey gave his new production software KAHA a public outing at last month’s Big Screen Symposium and at a launch event early in October.

KAHA is an integrated cloud-based solution for production budgeting, scheduling, cashflow and staffing needs. It’s designed to save time and money or as the promo material puts it: want better wrap parties?

While the challenges of keeping track of a production have been around as long as screen content has been being made, KAHA is a very contemporary solution. KAHA’s cloud-based service’s elements are fully integrated so updating information in, say, the schedule, will update the budget and cashflow. New information entered goes in realtime to all members of the team – or just those that the producer chooses. Knowledge, as they say, is power. That integration and realtime updating sets it apart from and, Mackey hopes, above longtime industry standard Movie Magic.

KAHA is all about maximising efficiencies, not just in the bottom line but in workload. At the launch he admitted to not being too flash with schedules. “Or money!” offered Julie Christie, whose Eyeworks produced Mackey’s The GC.

Just because KAHA offers solutions Movie Magic doesn’t, Mackey’s well aware of the challenges of going up against a well-established incumbent. Change can be scary but, Mackey maintains, the software has been built by producers for producers. It’s an effective solution and, Mackey said, “It’s simple enough that even a Luddite like myself can use it.”

Sir Pita Sharples, whom Mackey welcomed as “The GC’s biggest fan”, spoke at the launch event, sharing his and Mackey’s part in a recent business delegation to China where Mackey was able to meet with other media companies. For now, however, Mackey’s not looking at China’s very sizeable production community as an immediate opportunity for KAHA. There are higher priorities than creating other language versions of the software.

The US, on the other hand, is firmly in Mackey’s sights as he travels through Los Angeles and on to London en route to MIPCOM. KAHA will also have a presence at the NAB Show in New York in early November.