City of Changeover, part 2

The ChangeoverPhoto: Dean Mackenzie

The Changeover
Photo: Dean Mackenzie

Much has been made of your filming in the Red Zone – an integral feature of the film?
Oh of course – you can’t walk through Christchurch without encountering the class difference. We’re filming here currently at the gorgeous Ballantyne house which was built in 1958 – it’s just been sold and we’re here in between (the owners). This beautiful leafy environment is one element of our film and the Red Zone is the other environment. The Red Zone the way it is now is actually pretty beautiful too – the wildlife, flowers and trees and wild fowl – nature is taking over. The movie is set present day, five years after the earthquake, as it is now.

We’re experiencing the reality of the Red Zone where it really has become a wilderness as opposed to being broken Christchurch. The film is about a broken family and a broken girl who through the story negotiates her way back to being more robust, just like the city.

Long nights?
Starting at 6pm and finishing at 6am has been back-breaking but it’s the end of our five weeks of shooting and there was five weeks of prep before that. It’s been pretty truncated, that’s really not long, even for a New Zealand film.

There’s no studio at all, it’s all location work – which I love. Even our planned green screen shot of Laura suspended in the air above the house was achieved on location in the hospital car park by the amazing Tony Keddy who somehow just produced a studio mount out the back of his truck.

Who’s the audience for the film?
The obvious core audience is people who relate to Young Adult material, teens and women to around 35; sort of ideal for girls and their mothers – but there’s something for everyone, boys should come too!

The Changeover: Erana James, Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenziePhoto: Dean Mackenzie

The Changeover: Erana James, Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie
Photo: Dean Mackenzie

The Changeover is planned for release in late 2017.


Written by Glen Walker

Shelving his career in libraries, Glen is now working at screenwriting and enjoying meeting people working in New Zealand’s creative sectors. [email protected]


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