Clash of Clans


Much of the story of the current season of SPP’s Westside is built around the Springboks tour of New Zealand in 1981. Episode 4 took a trip to Hamilton to recreate elements of the (cancelled) Rugby Park test.

Given that the eight weeks of the tour saw 150,000 people protest, with over 1,500 arrested, there was a bit of effort required to beef up the 90 or so extras into a convincing recreation.

Three types of footage were combined to make the sequence, in which Bert (Pana Hema Taylor) and Falani (Patrick Tafa) join the protest against the tour.

Editor Eric de Beus said that video news footage, 16mm material from the late Merata Mita’s Patu and the contemporary digitally-captured material all needed to be combined to tell the story.

To encourage the audience to believe that it was all one series of events required “a mix of technical tricks and recreating the energy levels on the shoot”, which de Beus mostly credited to Michael Hurst’s direction of the episode.