Clash of Clans

Niche Cameras

The production had 90 or so extras to recreate those moments of a day that saw 5,000 anti-tour protesters march to Rugby Park, and over 350 invade the pitch. Redressing extras as police, supporters, protesters, bystanders, was a big part of the day.

While Bert and Falani get stuck in down in Hamilton, Fred West (David de Lautour) and friends watch the events unfolding on a TV in the pub. The scenes in Hamilton were shot before the scene in the pub, so the material could be played on the pub TV rather than inserted digitally.

“It all helps sell it,” de Beus said. Some of the contemporary footage was degraded and defocused to help it match the archival material and playing it live in the scene gave light reflection off the TV screen.


Season two of Westside screens Sunday evenings on TV3 and is available via 3NOW.


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Written by Keith Barclay

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