Dirty Laundry: all cleaned up

Other parts were slower. The titles Brenton Cumberpatch was working on went back and forth the most. “There was an agreed length for the title sequence, so we were able to work around that,” Finnigan explained. “The decision on a composer for the score also took a while, but again we were able to work around that.

“We cracked on with mixing episodes without the score. When Joel Haines was on board and the score completed, it was only a few hours work to complete an episode. It’s not something you could do on every show. It wouldn’t work on Westside, for example, because the score is much more a character, and uses well-known tracks.”

I&S is busy at the moment, with the third season of Westside beginning post soon and Wanted, currently shooting down south, due in the new year. They’re also in the midst of a strong run of documentary features.

Roger Donaldson’s McLaren is currently working its way through I&S, with editor Tim Woodhouse and producer Fraser Brown wrangling a substantial amount of archival footage. I&S has also been working on another Matthew Metcalfe production, Toa Fraser’s The Free Man (fka Welcome to the Thrill), alongside Annie Goldson’s Kim Dotcom doco, Caught in the Web, which Alex Behse is producing.


As for Dirty Laundry, it’s done. If it didn’t get the eyeballs it needed, that wasn’t because it was badly made.

There are always things you can better, or differently, Hawkins notes. Sometimes you change the thing, sometimes you change the way you do the thing. “It could have been darker, or more comedic, but fundamentally we’re happy with the balance.”


Written by Keith Barclay

Keith is the editor of SCREENZ, and the co-creator and founding editor of CREWED.


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  1. I loved this show. I have worked in tv for 15 years and am also an avid watcher of NZ and Australian tv shows.
    This show was there with the best. Great scripts, great acting….I hope there is another series. I have switched on so many people to this show and they are really enjoying it. On demand of course…

    Deb Frame 5 years ago Reply