Do No Harm

For Do No Harm Liang cast Cheng’s real-life daughter, Marsha Yuen, as the younger version of the mentor. Even given the genetics, Yuen is startingly similar in appearance to her mother.

Cheng is best-known internationally for her film and TV work in martial arts titles, notably her first outing as a baddie – Jade Fox in Ang Lee’s multiple Oscar winner Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Daughter Yuen is best-known for her work in comedies, including Pang Ho-cheung’s raunchy (by Hong Kong standards) Men Suddenly in Black. Yuen played opposite her mother in 2014 Hong Kong rom-com Cooking For Two.

A number of the team from My Wedding & Other Secrets are on board Do No Harm. Liang’s co-writer for My Wedding, Angeline Loo, is also back for Black Lotus.

Production designer Gary Mackay (Marco Polo, 800 Words) designed My Wedding and re-united with Liang for Do No Harm. Tom Eagles (What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) is editing.

Roseanne Liang on set with Marsha Yuen for Do No Harm Photo: Aaron Burgess

Roseanne Liang on set with Marsha Yuen for Do No Harm
Photo: Aaron Burgess

Tim Wong (Lord of the Rings, Ghost in the Shell, Realiti), who’s also an EP on Do No Harm, has worked with Liang for several years on the ideas for Black Lotus and Do No Harm. He’s joined by fellow Lord of the Rings stunt players Mana Davis and Jacob Tomuri on Do No Harm.

Assuming that everything follows the script, that the short is strong and helps attract finance to Black Lotus, Liang and Mortland hope the team of HOD’s they’ve built will then transition to the feature when it goes into production.

Liang also has sex comedy in development, (“think 40 Year Old Virgin for 30-something women”). In addition, she’s writing and directing Team Flat 3’s webseries Friday Night Bites. The show shoots a couple of days a month, so it’s in pre, production and post all at the same time. “It keeps things fresh,” Liang said.

Team Flat 3: Friday Night Bites

Team Flat 3: Friday Night Bites

Apart from Liang herself, there isn’t much crossover between the teams on Friday Night Bites and Do No Harm. Halcyon Digital’s Nick Burridge and Jonathan Guest, who also worked with Liang on the Flat 3 webseries, are on both productions.

Friday Night Bites is now releasing episodes each week via TVNZ Ondemand and YouTube. Do No Harm is currently in post.


Written by Keith Barclay

Keith is the editor of SCREENZ, and the co-creator and founding editor of CREWED.


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