Doing The Heavy Lifting

Photo: Michael Craig

Photo: Michael Craig

Once the shoot was complete, “I did a rough cut of what I wanted, then handed it to Gareth’ who’s been part of the project since the very first promo made for the Make My Movie competition.”

Van Niekerk shaped and trimmed the rough cut, “then I put some stuff back in. I had to soup up my old Mac as far as it would go.”

Even when the film was finished, the cost wasn’t: submissions to festivals, deliverables, travelling to festivals. “It all adds up.”

The film was accepted into the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. On 12 February, This Giant Papier Maché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy had its world premiere on the east coast of the US. “Four years of agony, hard work and toil were finally put to the test.”


The film won the festival’s award for best comedy.

In early May Nicolson headed to the UK, where Boulder went two for two, collecting a second award at Sci-Fi London. Following the trip to London, Nicolson went to Cannes to tout the film around. He’s now trying to work out which offer to accept, if any, of the four he received.

Nicolson is currently planning more NZ screenings. This Giant Papier Maché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy has its next trip overseas to Indianapolis for GenCon in August.

Written by Keith Barclay

Keith is the editor of SCREENZ, and the co-creator and founding editor of CREWED.


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