Editorial: June 2016


For a publication with a pretty strong NZ focus, much of this month’s issue has at least one eye on events overseas, the NAB Show and AFCI Locations Expo to name a couple.

Kevin Jennings talks to us in the aftermath of the latter event, while a number of folk share at least some of what happened in Vegas in April. Closer to home, on the back of NZ Music Month, Ande Schurr takes a look at music videos and Brett Higginson talks locations.

Another theme running through several articles this month is camera. Cameraman Murray Milne shares some of what he’s up to at present, Tony Forster reflects on the women and cinematography session at the recent Screen Edge Forum, while Peter Parnham – coincidentally a panel member in that session – has a look at lenses.

Next month the NZ International Film Festival begins its run for 2016. Ahead of that, there are (at time of writing) eight NZ features playing in cinemas. While some aspects of the industry are undoubtedly changing, I can’t remember a time when eight local features were playing simultaneously outside of a festival. It suggests the industry is in good health – something that’s good news for all.

As the last public holiday before winter disappears in the rear-view mirror, good health is welcome indeed.


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Written by Keith Barclay

Keith is the editor of SCREENZ, and the co-creator and founding editor of CREWED.