In Moxion: upload here, get it anywhere


The title of the article reads a whole lot better if you pronounce Moxion as ‘motion’, which founders Hugh Calveley and Michael Lonsdale do.

Moxion has been coming for three years, and is about to take the next step in its development.

The concept was simple: upload from anywhere, get it anywhere. It was born out of the need to send edits to clients more quickly for approval – a Digital Pigeon specifically for video, or a very secure version of YouTube. Lonsdale and Calveley noted that in the high-end market, there was little effort going into developing production tools, and that those available weren’t easy accessible or affordable for filmmakers working with the sort of budgets most NZ productions do.

While the idea was simple, Moxion has become a extremely powerful and sophisticated tool along the way.

None of that really matters, Lonsdale commented, unless that basic functionality is in place: the ability to securely store and share video.

Introduction to Moxion

“At the end of a day,” said Lonsdale, “the scary part of the process is the thumb drives.”

A large amount of a shoot often goes off on something that can be read by anyone on any computer. During one location shoot a producer came to Lonsdale to tell him, “I’ve lost a thumbdrive somewhere around the portaloos. Can you erase it?”

There had to be a better way, decided Lonsdale, watching a member or the production team on hands and knees scouring through the grass.

Calveley, Lonsdale and two developers have been moving forward with Moxion since then.

As an editor, mainly on commercial work, Lonsdale began using an early build of Moxion to send material to his own clients. It worked, and was appreciated, which validated the concept. One client said they’d like to use it for something much larger, a TV show.

“We pivoted,” explained Calveley, “to accommodate DIT and add features to allow the product to handle larger scale productions.”