Making an Impact


And an end(orsement)
After a film’s release, Botfield asks if the film has delivered on its aims for the filmmakers and partners, trying to determine if it has changed hearts and minds, changed behaviours, and changed social structures (such as law and policy).

Botfield cited some titles as examples of films which had been successful in addressing significant social issues and helping to drive awareness and/or change: Kirby Dick’s The Invisible War, on sexual assault in the US Military, which helped drive policy and legislative reform; Warwick Thornton’s Samson & Delilah, which addressed poverty and substance abuse in Australia’s Aboriginal communities; Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech, a multiple Oscar-winner which addressed speech impediments.



Written by Ande Schurr

Ande has been location sound recording for a decade. He is passionate about growth and writes articles for freelancers.


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