Philly de Lacey and the big world of small screens

Philly de Lacey Photo: Norrie Montgomery, used courtesy of WIFT

Philly de Lacey
Photo: Norrie Montgomery, used courtesy of WIFT

Philly de Lacey was recently honoured twice, named SPADA’s Independent Producer of the Year and the winner of WIFT’s Award for Success in Television.

“I feel spoilt,” de Lacey told Crewed. The WIFT award was for Screentime’s output during the lat two years, and de Lacey is quick to share the glory. “Screentime is full of 40 or 50 amazing people with great integrity that I trust implicitly, and who make me and the company look good,” she explained.

Screentime has produced a lot of Sunday Theatre dramas for TVNZ recently, three of the four screened last year, and de Lacey is happy with those in all sorts of ways. She’s happy that TVNZ is taking risks, commissioning a range of dramas that aren’t always what you’d expect from a commercially driven network. De Lacey cites How To Murder Your Wife as a prime example of such a project.

The leads were aging; the events took place in the 1970s, a decade mostly remembered for crimes against fashion; there’s not a lot to sell the idea on. Yet over 280,000 viewers tuned in for it, with over 60,000 more playing catch-up over the next week.

It’s great that NZ On Air is still able to fund such projects, de Lacey believes, although she’s well aware of the effects that standstill funding is having on the levels of local TV production as a whole.

How To Murder Your Wife