Philly de Lacey and the big world of small screens

In its early days, Screentime in NZ was a partnership, with Communicado and Screentime Australia. More recently Screentime was bought by Banijay, which has now – with the ink still drying on the European Commission’s paperwork – merged with another multi-national to form Banijay Zodiak Media.

Being part of a larger group is a great thing for Screentime, de Lacey believes. Operationally, things haven’t changed much since the early days. Screentime (and all the other companies in the group) know their own territories and how to function in them. They operate autonomously in their home markets, but have access to a network of potential partners and expertise in several other territories.

Docudrama is an area in which de Lacey is particularly interested, so she was pleased when another company focused on such work, Stephen David Entertainment (SDE), joined the Banijay stable around 18 months ago.

SDE was here before Christmas shooting for two docudrama series, Making of the Mob and The Roman Empire. Screentime and SDE are currently in discussions over the next project SDE will shoot here.

Inbound production from outside of Banijay is also providing work for Screentime, as well as creating more relationships. Last year the company line produced half a dozen TV shows shooting here, including an Italian version of dating show Flight 920, for which Screentime had earlier line produced the French Canadian version. Screentime also line produced Hunan Television’s Chinese version of Korean reality show Dad, Where Are We Going?. Late last year, there was another Chinese project, a 30-day motorbike road trip.

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