Jane Mahoney is not shy of challenges and her history of creating success bodes well for screen production in Canterbury and beyond. The founder of Splendid (production support services), Jane creates opportunities and has a talent for spotting where her team’s talents can add value to visiting productions.

After finishing her studies at University, Jane created Christchurch’s first independent casting agency in 1989. Castaway met a gap in the market and proved very successful before she moved to Auckland and co-founded Bannan Films where she produced over 100 commercials and photographic campaigns shot across Australasia and Asia.

Moving back to Christchurch before the earthquakes and then working in Events and Communications for several years, Jane set up Splendid as new way to support national and international teams who want to shoot in the South Island.

Rather than contracting a single Producer, clients of Splendid have the services of Jane’s experienced team of Line Producers, casting experts and location scouts with extensive local knowledge. The advantage Splendid offers the ability to make connections quickly – to provide clients with studio space, local crews and equipment which they have a history with so they know the results will be great.

Jane and her team have worked with top local and international directors and productions from tiny to enormous multi-national enterprises and are absolutely convinced that Canterbury and the wider area has value to offer any project. She adds that there is a wonderful diversity available in locations, casting options, great acting talent and the crews available are top class.

“I feel that we have everything here that can be offered in any location. We have mountains, lakes, beaches, farms and the city all within a short drive when this is your base. And we’re also kind of unspoilt, in the environmental way but also in terms of attitude – people here are really happy to see productions come in and will go out of their way to make it work.”

There have been several notable productions in Christchurch already this year and Jane feels that the region is beginning to see the benefits of this work and of setting up more infrastructure for screen production. It is her hope that word of mouth will encourage even more producers to look at coming South for their work, after some challenging years for the city.

“We all win by putting ourselves out there and trying to build the infrastructure a bit, making it easier for people to do great work here that we can start to turn that around.”