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City of Changeover, part 2

Glen Walker visited The Changeover shortly before it wrapped in Christchurch, and talked with producer Emma Slade and co-director Miranda Harcourt. Part one of this article is here. ell us a bit about your decisions in casting. Emma Slade: We looked at having an international star (for the role of Laura) but there’s only a […]

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City of Changeover

Glen Walker visits The Changeover just before it wraps in Christchurch

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ane Mahoney is not shy of challenges and her history of creating success bodes well for screen production in Canterbury and beyond. The founder of Splendid (production support services), Jane creates opportunities and has a talent for spotting where her team’s talents can add value to visiting productions. After finishing her studies at University, Jane […]

28,Sep,2016 Features , , editor
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What Now?

here is an air of forward motion at Whitebait Media – they’re focussed on today’s work but open to new ideas and looking to the future. Today they are filming an entire week’s worth of episodes for The Adam and Eve Show which is an afterschool staple for Kiwi kids. The set is in their […]

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