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A Year Of It

Recently named SPADA’s New Filmmaker of the Year, Yamin Tun is wrapping a busy year

30,Nov,2016 Features , , , Keith Barclay
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Leanne Saunders

An unbroken sea of black polythene, dark water, a child struggles … A dated, suburban room, a staggering man, a pink knitted-balaclava marked with a rudely drawn smile … Shadows, a subterranean bunker, a creature red, shackled … Bright urban colours, a crew of bodies moving wildly to a hip hop beat … A dim […]

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Shooting Women

his year’s Screen Edge Forum pushed beyond the above the line roles commonly cited in diversity discussions to host a panel to discuss women and cinematography. Gender stereotypes perceive men as powerbrokers, deal-makers, hard-nosed practical people; women as more intuitive, perceptive, empathetic, more creative and lateral in their thinking. If that were true, men would […]

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