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    Ande Schurr Ande has been location sound recording for a decade. He is passionate about growth and writes articles for freelancers. schurrsound.com     Fritha Stalker Fritha works with the NZ Writers Guild, and has a chequered past including being EO at the Techos Guild, a biologist in Rarotonga and spending random bits […]

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We Know It When We See It

The Berlinale’s Maryanne Redpath at the Ngā Aho Whakaari hui

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All about conversation

imon Price picks up a badminton racket and fires a shuttlecock towards the back row of the audience during his Big Screen Symposium address. For a moment we wonder if we’re about to enjoy another eccentric performance such as the one Christopher Doyle gave. But Price is more conventional than Doyle. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that […]

28,Sep,2016 Features , editor
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Poi E: Tearepa Kahi on learning

here is no escaping the warmth and charm that exudes from Tearepa Kahi the instant he enters a room, even one as spacious and, dare I say, soulless as the cafeteria where we met to converse. That charm, that beaming smile, have been there ever since I first met him at the turn of the […]

26,Aug,2016 Features , , editor
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Shooting Women

his year’s Screen Edge Forum pushed beyond the above the line roles commonly cited in diversity discussions to host a panel to discuss women and cinematography. Gender stereotypes perceive men as powerbrokers, deal-makers, hard-nosed practical people; women as more intuitive, perceptive, empathetic, more creative and lateral in their thinking. If that were true, men would […]

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A Doco and a DSLR

n 2009 some young German doco-making friends of mine, working in Auckland as interns for the DOC NZ Trust, suggested I should make a film out of my experience of being caught up in the crowds at Checkpoint Charlie on the night the Berlin Wall fell, 9 November 1989. The 20th anniversary of that extraordinary […]

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Back to School

Tony Forster muses on ways to learn

30,Mar,2016 Features , editor
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Acronym soup: the new labels for safety

Tony Forster weighs the responses to the incoming Health & Safety at Work legislation

26,Feb,2016 Features , , editor
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