Trying to win them back to TV: getting Filthy Rich

Filthy RichPhoto: Filthy Productions

Filthy Rich
Photo: Filthy Productions

Now the show has aired, the critics have weighed in. But then, they probably haven’t had the advantage of talking to Zanoski, which goes a long way in understanding why things are the way they are.

One oxymoronic observation from the harshest critics is that ‘they’ – TVNZ, the writers, the producers NZ on Air and the rest – should take more risks even if it means failing sometimes. Another critical theme is that we should make more drama like the BBC or Scandinavia – which is as about helpful as saying our runners should run faster to win Olympic Gold.

If you want to criticise the show, go for it. But perhaps judge it on what it is trying to do, not the budget they might have had, or the show you happen to think they should have made.


Written by Peter Parnham

Peter is a freelance technology writer, business mentor and systems specialist who spent many years in the screen industry equipment business.

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