What happens in Vegas

NAB Show 2016Photo:Robb Cohen Photography and Video

NAB Show 2016
Photo: Robb Cohen Photography and Video

The NAB Show ran in Las Vegas in April, drawing its customary thousands of visitors from around the production, post-production and broadcast worlds. A good number of New Zealanders were there, some to exhibit, some to look and learn, some to buy.

ARRI’s Stefan Seidlmeier spoke to Crewed ahead of the trip. Crewed caught up with some of the other visitors on their return home.

DVT’s Stuart Barnaby made the point that, while there was plenty of new gear on offer at NAB, this year much of the buzz wasn’t necessarily product-specific, but around ideas being realised.

HDR, a topic of conversation and prototypes not long back, is now a done deal even if there are still some competing standards out there. Sony’s new HDR client monitor, the PVM-X550, was praised by a number of NAB visitors including Commotion’s Mikee Carpinter.

All of the world’s major TV manufacturers are now producing HDR-capable screens for the domestic market, Barnaby noted. With the cameras and software to post, composite and grade HDR material, the screens almost complete the chain, although broadcasters (certainly in NZ) aren’t HDR-capable. It’s possible for broadcasters to use HDR versions of programmes on their on-demand services, although without at least a VDSL connection the viewing experience isn’t likely to be great.