What happens in Vegas


For Panasonic Rick Haywood was making his umpteenth trip to Vegas. “I’ve lost count,” he said, admitting the number of times he’s been to NAB is somewhere north of 25. This year’s show, he reckoned, was a big improvement on last year’s.

A major opportunity for Haywood was the ability to take customers through the whole range of the Panasonic offer, something he’s not so able to do at home in NZ. He noted a big emphasis on camera this year, including remote cameras, and also confirmed interest in Blu-Ray as an archiving medium.

For camera, lenses have become a bigger deal in recent years. In part that’s because the cost of camera bodies has been coming down for a while. Coupled with the software upgrades that can keep cameras models “current” for longer, lenses now often represent a far more significant investment than the body they’re in front of.

Mandy VFX’s Anita Ward made her second trip to the event this year, returning with kit for the company’s colour grading suite. Ward expects to have all the new kit up and running by August. Talking about the things she’d seen at NAB that had impressed her, Ward wasn’t the only person to name the Blackmagic camera, although editing gear would place higher up her own wishlist for Mandy.

NAB Show 2016Photo:Robb Cohen Photography and Video

NAB Show 2016
Photo: Robb Cohen Photography and Video