What Now?


You’re also looking at transiting to digital platforms?
Grant: It’s the new challenge isn’t it, but all part of being relevant and relating to our audience. We thought we understood our audience twenty years ago when everyone sat down to watch TV at the same time but understanding our audience in the depth we do now compared to the old days is a huge challenge.  We want to make content that can be watched on a phone as easily as a TV, we want to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Janine: Like everyone, we want to be where the audience is – sometimes catching up with them, running alongside, perhaps even offering up something they haven’t seen yet.  It’s a 360 degree experience you’re giving the audience now, it’s content as and when they want it – in long form and short form so there’s a lot more demand to do all of this and knowing your audience is at the root of it all.

Grant: We’re also keenly aware of the burgeoning generation of young content makers, the abilities of people to create shows and put them onto YouTube.  Jason has set up his own studio in the building for his YouTube channel and it’s a great space, really flexible.  We’re considering how that could work as a model to encourage other creative people, using our space and creating material with high production values.

Jason Gunn's YouTube studio

Jason Gunn’s YouTube studio
Photo: Glen Walker

You’ve had Canterbury filmmakers create a TV pilot in one of your studios recently?
Grant: Yeah, we pretty much did that for love, they were here at 5:30 in the morning and I thought great they’ll be done by 5pm, but at 11pm at night they were still going!

It was all done by volunteers plus everyone here got involved and wanted to support it too because they’re trying to get something off the ground that supports more production in Christchurch.


Written by Glen Walker

Shelving his career in libraries, Glen is now working at screenwriting and enjoying meeting people working in New Zealand’s creative sectors. [email protected]


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